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Harley Davidson           
Stony Brook  N.Y. 

Al, I finally put the decals on, came out mint!!! Great instructions, I followed the directions to a T, thanks so much!  Marty Messina


750 Honda           
North Carolina 


My decals are awesome!  Iím so happy I found your side, your decals are very unique and I found some that reflects my personality. First I was a bit nervous but theyíre so easy to install. I attached pictures from my Honda Shadow Phantom. 

Take care and ride safe.


Harley Davidson Trike           

Just received and placed the reflective silver roses on my trike. I absolutely love them. Attached is a picture.
Thank you
Brenda Gibbs



Al and Terri,  Thank you again for that beautiful transfer art I also appreciate the little throw in ones because the actual middle size I bought was to big No problem Iíll use it wrap around the helmet lol Anyway here are some pix of the finished product Let me know if Ivan write a review Glad I came back to purple Harley  Phil Di Tommaso


Harley Sportster XL1200L           

Hey Al, I thought you might like to see how this turned out. I will take better pictures of the whole bike in due course (ie, when the weather is sunny!!) but I think they ended up looking stunning! I also have accent feathers on both sides of the rear mudguard, as well as the battery and oil covers, but these are the main ones, photos attached. Thank you for making such beautiful decals!  Cheers Helen


Harley Davidson      

Thanks for the great product Looks great!  Bernard parker


Hi Al, Well Pleased with the decals. Attached a couple of pics.  Regards Mike Burns I will recommend you to all my friends. TOP DECALS All the Best!


Honda Goldwing    
Woodland Park  CO

Terri,I have attached three pictures with the decals on my bike.  I am very pleased. Dave

Harley Davidson   
N.P.R. Florida

Terry & Al, attached are couple of pics of your reflective butterfly stickers on my hard leather saddlebags. If you want to use them on website, pls do I put the blue rose lady rider on windshield. Terry, thx for the tips on installing - worked perfect & very easy. Wolf's on back car window. Have wonderful holiday. Alexia

Harley Davidson  
Good morning Al, Thought I would send you a pic of my bike with the tank decals on red tank. Iím very happy. If you look at the tank console I put the small black decals you gave me on there and looks great. Hard to see them unless you zoom in.
Thanks very much and I am always happy with the quality and look of your decals.  Kevin

Harley Davidson  
Hanover Park, IL

Hello there, Just wanted to say I love the wolf claw decals I just purchased. Put them on my 2016 Harley street. Colors are perfect!  Kris V.

Harley Davidson
Danielson, CT

New pinstripes on trike and helmet...looks great together.. Thanks, Teri B 

Harley Davidson
 Lafayette, LA



Terri!  Thanks so much! I wanted to pass on a few photos of the gold pin striping decals I just purchased  in action! They certainly have Spruced Up my blue '09 Rebel. The GOLD Really compliments the blue & chrome nicely. Thank you again and highly recommend your company to Anyone looking to enhance their ride! VTY, Guinevere


At first was skeptical about decals on my bike seen another indian roadmaster with them on and decided to go for it and just got done putting them on and they look amazing thank u and god bless 


Terri, Thank you soooo much for the extra little accent decals.  They were exactly what I was looking for.  Here are a couple of photos of the decals that I have gotten from you.  Feel free to share or whatever. Again, much thanks!  Rick