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Wildwood, MO

Al, here are some photos of the pinstriping on my bike. I had no problem putting them on and love the new look that they give to my VTX.  Thank you very much and I will be ordering from you again. William E. Duke, Sr.


HD Police Bike           

Hi Al   One of the guys from work has a brother that has a sign shop, so we were lucky enough to get him to do the rest of the decals and even put yours on the bike.  One thing the guys at the shop said, they were impressed by your decals and the work you had gone to and they looked AWSOME... From all of us here AL a really BIG thanks to you... here is a pic and let me know how we can do something to put on your web site to show your decals are world wide...Cheers from all of us  Simon

Harley Duce           
Al, The decals came in today, as you can see by the pics.  They are awesome.  Thank you very much for all that you do and did for me and thanks for the extra.  I'll be sending business your way soon.  Have a good day and keep up the good work!


G'day guys just wanted to thank you for a great product , applied the decals to my boulevard and they look awesome. Thanks, Geoff Stewart

Honda, Shadow             
Brampton, Ontario

I just wanted to take this opportunity thank you for a great product. I have install the decals I received from your company and they look great. Folks at my work after seeing my bike were asking where did I get my custom job done and how much it cost. They were taken with surprise when I told them I had done all the work myself and thier comments were can you do this for me on my bike. Thanks so much for a great product.  Ajay Mistry

Belcamp, MD

Al, I got the decals today and put them on in 10 minutes. They really look nice on my victory. What do you think? Thanks, Dave

Holiday, FL

"Al and Terri I just wanted to say thanks again the decals look great and it was very nice to meet you both". Dooley

Cornville, AR

Terri, Finally got a decent picture of the decal on the back of the bike. The little feathers look great on the helmets too. Thanks so much. It took me a while to find you when I started searching for a product like your's, but the effort was definitely worthwhile. It is a huge improvement to the hand painted Mexican face that was on the bike when we bought it. Thanks again, Karen & Jeff

Hamilton, OH

Here are some pics to show some of your work on the bike. I tell everyone about you guys, your products are first rate. Thanks Fred

Custom Trike              
Shreveport, LA

Here's the results of the decals I ordered on 27th of July. They were very easy to put on and added color to the Trike. I will be ordering some more feathers to put on the side of the trunk. They look real fine, already have comments from other riders around here. Thank you all. Ernest Kirkham

HONDA, VTX             
Cape Coral, FL

The decals look great. Thanks for the great instructions, very easy application. Can't wait to ride over to bike nite and show it off. Attached are some photos, feel free to use them. Thanks, R. Selig

Toms River, NJ

Hi Al, you have my permission to use my pics on you website, it would make me happy if you did. thanks Gene Spatola

Englewood, CO
My new bmw graphics, thanks purpleharley.com its just ghostly, and brilliant at night.

California, MO

Hey There, Just wanted to show you a pic of my bike and how great it turned out thanks to your decals. Attached is my 84 Nighthawk. I purchased it for $550 and it had been spray painted blue. I decided to restore it myself (first project) and Im a little proud of my work lol.Thanks again for helping make my bike look GREAT! Lori


Harley, Wide Glide            Inergy Illinois