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08 KW 1600 Nomad Dallas, TX
Al, Here are a few pictures of my 08 KW 1600 Nomad with your vinyl decals. This is the second bike that I have used your decals on. They look good and wear good. Thank you, Earl M. Ward

Yamaha    Yuba City, CA

Thanks Al for an excellent product. I'm very happy with the quality and ease of installation.  I'll definitely will be buying again soon and I'm sure so will my friends as soon as they see my bike. Again, Thanks  J. Ornong

  Ft Walton Beach, FL

Thanks for the fast order. I have already placed the reflective decals on my bike, attached the photos-My husband will have his angels mounted tomorrow. Beth

  United Kingdom

Hi Al,  Hope this finds you safe and well. I have attached the images as promised, the decals look GREAT !! already had comments from folks who thought I had the tank airbrushed :) Still have to put on the accents to finish it off. I am really pleased with them, seen a few that were obviously 'stickers' and it showed but yours are excellent. many thanks for a great product. Stay safe, All the best  Cameron

V-Star  1100 Pensacola, FL  

Turned out great!!! Thanks for being so fast on getting me the order. when I buy something I'm like a kid waiting for x-mass. here is the pictures.  John Scott

O5 Softail Deluxe    

Decal on 05 HD Softail Deluxe . Removed the "deluxe" emblem and applied your decal; got quite a few compliments during my last Run , hopefully you'll get some new customers ! Have a good one and thank you fro your excellent product and prompt shipment!   Pete Delafuente

  Melbourne, FL

Al,   I received the feather decals and put them on my bike....I am so pleased !!!  The instructions were very easy to follow...they went on like a breeze !!!!  I LOVE THEM !!!  I have attached pictures as you have requested.  Thanks again !!!   Sharon Johns



Hi Al,   Attached is a photo of the black skull/flame reflective decal on my helmet.  It looks great!   Elisabeth

2005 Shadow VLX   Nipomo, CA

  Thanks Al,  The ripped flames were perfect for my 2005 Shadow VLX. Look awesome. Purple Harley has the fastest shipping around.     Kevin Dodd

    Springfield, VA

Hello Al,   Sorry it took me so long to get these pix to you – but the decals are just perfect! I’ve only been out a couple of times but have already gotten lots of complements about my ‘great paint job’!  I plan to enter her in the Diva Customs Bike Show in Chesapeake, VA on May 31st. It’s a woman only Bike Show, believe it’s the largest in the US – may be the only one! I think it will be fun to show an essentially stock, relatively unknown bike w/only your custom decals & a custom tank bib & fabric saddle bags added & the total cost less than any basic HD! Oh and while she is ‘only’ a 250, she's got 28hp & I still had throttle at 90mph. So I backed off. . .   Again, thank you so much for your artwork!  Jo


    Calcutta, India 

Hi Al,  At last those long waiting Decals are on my car. My wife says that it looks like some one has hand painted on my CAR. It dose not look like a Sticker. I told her yes its Mr. Al who has painted for me :) Looks soo nice on my car. I will place order for some more Decals. Thanks for the Decals once again! Debabrata  

V-Star 1100  
Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Al,  Here is the post on the 1100 forum about your decal.  Just in case it does not turn out, I have attached these photos.  Everyone who see the finished product are blown away.  Thanks so much for the great work!!!!!  Jim Caldwell

Harley Davidson's   Hudson, FL

I use PurpleHarley reflective decals on my entire fleet of Ride Like A Pro Harleys, as seen in all my safety video's, and rider skill shows.  Not only can these decals be seen from a great distance, but they look terrific on the bikes. They also have a custom look that gets compliments wherever we travel.  Be safe, be seen, and look cool at the same time.  What more could you want?

Jerry Motorman Palladino         www.RideLikeaPro.com 

Lucky Riders Group   San Francisco, CA

Great job on the banner. I really appreciate you sending so quickly, we were able to use for our ride today.  Ruben

2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40    

I just applied some of your pin-striping decals to my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40--and it looks AWESOME! Now it's really a personalized bike. I love it! I tried one of them on my helmet, and that didn't work quite as well because of the curve, but from a distance you can't see the little folds. I'll be doing the wax part of the job tomorrow--but I wanted to send you some photos of the fenders and the tank where I applied your product. Thanks for an easy way to really "pimp my ride!"  Best Wishers, Pat Leonard

Suzuki Boulevard   Lithia, FL

Hi Al,  I love the way my bike looks with the decals. I get lots of compliments. Here are some pictures.  Lois W. Hiers

    Okawville, IL  

Al, thanks for the quick response. I just love the way my bike looks now. Stay safe. Frankie Vollano

2006 Suzuki LS650   Morgantown, WV
I followed the decal application instructions being particularly careful to wash and alcohol rinse my hands.  Decal application was effortless and look great.  Here are photos of my 2006 Suzuki LS650 Thumper.  Thanks for offering an excellent product - Caribou Migration LLC     John Hazel

    Tarpon Springs, FL

Just wanted you to know I received my decal today. Boy was that fast. And to copy a phrase as to the installation, it was so easy a caveman could do it. I knew if it was possible to mess up I probably would, but no problems here and the results look great. See before and after photos attached. Feel free to use any you want and my comments on your website. Thanks so much!! I will be ordering again.     Phillip Grierson