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Attached are a couple of pictures of the Marbelized Fairing decal that you made for me applied to a 2004 black FLHTI fairing. I think the effect is great!!! I plan to order some marbleized flame decals for the saddlebags and front fender. If the pictures arenít good enough, or you want a bigger one, I will give it another shot. I seem to have lost the best one in the transfer from the camera to the computer. Thanks for the great work.

Randy Gale


V-Star 1100



I'm sending you some pictures of my V-Star 1100 with your decals. They are great. People keep asking where I got the paint job. I'm getting my wife a bike this summer and will probably get some of your decals for her bike. Thanx for the great product and keep up the good work.

 Karl Gustafson



Al, Thanks for the graphics, we put them on and then clear coated over them and I personally think they look awesome and so do a lot of other people.

David and Quida Hill



hi al,
received my 2 orders of flame decals from you a few weeks back , but waited till weather got a bit warmer before fitting them. am really pleased with them, great product, speedy service, and no problem applying them with your clear instructions included. hope you like the photos attached of my bike. once again, many thanks, keep up the great work.
ride safe         carl 


Pearland Texas

Al, thanks for the great decals. Simple, but adds something to any bike. I got mine about 7-8 mos. ago, just never sent any pictures.
Thanks again,
Barry Johnson

1997 Heritage custom

Sanford, Maine

Hay Al,

Hope you got the pic's alright. Everyone who saw my bike made comments like, when did you have that air brushed on, how much did that cost you. The guy that works on my bike ( Steve ) asked, who did you have paint that on your bike? He has built a show winner costing 40+. Thanks again Al, the money I saved on paint I'll be able to ride all summer.



Hi Al,
It's been a while since I've purchased one of your airbrushed decals but I finally got it all together and thought that you would like to check it out!  This was my first venture at painting tin and your art makes it look great!
Rock On!    Roy

Yamaha 1100 Custom 2004


Thank You for a GREAT product!


I bought the skull razor design for my black Vstar. They were fairly easy to put on. Let me say I was careful. My biker friends swore I had my tank airbrushed. I had to take them right up to the bike and gently rub their hand over it before they believed they were decals. Another friend that used to do custom tank work thought they looked great. He said it takes $2000 and up to do a tank.  Add me to your supporters please!

Thank you for answering my email asap AL I will be sending those pictures next week I'm sure you will like the close ups I took of the decals showing different parts of my R-ROD and the picture of the bike in hole. I will also send pictures of bike I'm doing now so you may elect to change your pictures periodically. Once again no other product compares to yours I know I searched till the engine was smoking......... here are the decals #VN3 purple silver fade #BE3purple-white-silver fade BUG EYE FLAME -PURPLE SILVER FADE #fn7..........THANK YOU  AL for your prompt response and honesty in doing business I also look forward to doing continuing business with you. 


Hey Bill---I have the razor head decals and the accents as well and everyone wants to know how much I spent on the custom paint job. When I tell them they are decals---most are in total disbelief. I have referred most of my biker buds to you.


04 Suzuki 800 Intruder


Richland, WA


I want to let you know how thrilled I am with these decals!!! I need to order 2 more for the front side covers of my 04 Suzuki 800 Intruder as they will fit perfectly!! Thanks so much for a great product!!

Sincerely,  Machelle

1993 Goldwing

Texas City, Texas

Here's some pics of my 1993 Goldwing with some of your decals applied. The instructions were easy to follow and resulted in some great looking transfers.

Biff Baker


Al, just want to show how decals came out. very happy with them
jim svrga

Hi Al,

I attached the flame decals last night and WOW do they look great on my new Honda Shadow 750 Aero (Black/Silver).  My bike's beautiful, but something was missing and when I put the silver/black flames on it, that was the trick.  The decals have really improved the appearance of my bike.  l'll take some photos and send them to you.

Thanks and I love my decals.

Deb Garren

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

David Monedero

Mr. March:

I just bought some of your decals and they have really made my bike look great. I have even already ordered some more to complete the job. I was truly worried about my ability to put them on but your instructions were great and as you can see I think I did OK. I have a new Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 that looked like a big concord grape once I took off all the factory crap, but now with your decals it looks great.