Follow these instructions.


1.  Be sure to wet sand surface where decals will be installed using a 1,000 grit sand paper. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAND THE DECAL IN ANY WAY.

2.  Clean area with automotive wax and grease remover.

3.  Install decals as shown in your order's enclosed instructions.

4.  After decal is installed You MUST wait a full 24 hours for the water to dry out before you can clear over the Decal!

5.  After decal has been allowed to dry, use a tack cloth to remove any dust from surface and decal.

6.  Apply 2 light tack coats of Automotive Urethane clear following manufacturers mixing directions. Allow a 5 to 10 minute flash time between coats. (NEVER use a store bought Spray Can Clear)

7.  Apply 2 medium coats with a 5 to 10 minute flash time between coats.

8.  Apply your final wet coats and burry the decal in clear.

9.  Wait 24 hours, wet sand and level the cleared area. Be sure not to go through to the decal.

10. With a high speed buffer and buffing compound, buff your cleared surface to a show quality shine! Wait 30 days and wax as normal.